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Zivid 3D Spatial Intelligence Webinar

On May 28, 2020 Integrys hosted the highly successful Zivid 3D Spatial Intelligence Webinar, which defined 3D Image Quality (3DIQ) and why optimizing it is crucial. Participants gained a host of vital information, including that on:

  • Implementing a flexible and scalable 3D machine vision platform for applications from bin-picking, quality control in manufacturing, inspection and assembly, as well as the growing demand for logistics and e-commerce;
  • How white structured light 3D vision systems can reduce implementation time and solve more tasks over a flexible working distance while accurately recognizing objects and staying eye safe

Zivid 3D Spatial Intelligence

Integrys is pleased to share a copy of the Zivid 3D Spatial Intelligence Webinar. Please contact us to obtain yours.

About Zivid

Zivid is a Norwegian machine vision technology company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. It designs and sells 3D color cameras with vision software that are used in autonomous industrial robot cells, collaborative robot cells and other industrial automation systems



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