Integrys at RADIX Controls Open House

Manufacturing Automation Showcase in Windsor Ontario, June 3, 2016

As industry leaders, we at Integrys were excited to attend the Bi-Annual Radix Controls Open House last month.  At the Open House, our exhibition was joined by partners Basler and Matrox Imaging, who showcased some of their latest innovative technologies.

The pulsed Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera from Basler is one piece of technology that we at Integrys are particularly proud to showcase. This award-winning device provides 2D and 3D images in one shot through leveraging the use of time light takes to travel to the object and back to the camera.  Not only can ToF improve 3D shape and volume measurement applications by making them quicker and easier, the device can also work independent of ambient light, meaning that it can see in the dark. 

The ToF is suitable for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Logistics Automation
  • Factory Automation and Robotics
  • Medical
  • Autonomous Vehicles

At the Open House, we also promoted the latest in Smart Camera technology from Matrox Imaging including the Iris GTR.  The Iris GTR is small enough to fit into cramped spaces and powerful enough to run vision jobs efficiently, while capturing images at high speed.  It comes with a CMOS image sensor of choice to meet your specific requirements for scene coverage and detail, type of analysis and input.  This device also features a compact IP67-rated design and robust M12 connectors, allowing it to operate in dirty, dusty, and wet conditions.

The Integrys seal of approval is your assurance of proven value.  Contact us for more information about ToF and the Iris GTR.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.19.41 PM

From Left to Right – Wayne Mason(General Manager, Integrys), Fred Moshkovith (Account Manager, Integrys), Rob Karimi(Canadian Sales Manager, Basler), Roberto Baccega (North American Sales Manager, Matrox Imaging) and Fabio Perelii (Product Manager, Matrox Imaging)

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